Henry VI Penny (1422 - 1461 and 1470 - 1471)

Henry was less than a year old when he succeeded to the throne, where he ruled for many years before eventually being deposed. Yet in later life he became a very religious man and more interested in education and buildings. He founded Eton and Kings College Cambridge.

Henry VI also had mental problems, which occurred more than once during his reign. He was deposed once in the 1460's, only to be brought back again as king for a relatively short period in the 1470's, before being arrested, taken to the Tower of London, where after a few weeks he was murdered - I can’t understand why they were all queuing up for this job?

He lived at a time when others thought they had more right to the throne than he did, which developed into the Wars of the Roses. He also had a little bit of trouble with a young French girl called Joan of Arc, who wanted all the Brits out of France (so can anyone tell me what has changed over the last 600 years?) That now seems to be the norm wherever we are in the world today.

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