Roman Tutulas Brooch - 1C

Many years ago, when I found this brooch, I sort of dismissed it as a relatively modern Victorian piece, but it was only much later, when I was scratching around for something to take to my local detecting club, that I thought I might just as well make sure and get a second opinion (which is always a good idea for anything you find by the way), and to my amazement, I was told that it was in actual fact a Roman Tutulas Brooch. So what I thought was something and nothing, turned out to be quite a find after all - and I suppose the moral to this tale is, never write something off until you get it checked out, that old bit of mud covered scrap iron in your hand, might just turn out to be something quite special.

Apart from a small crack round the rim, it is not in bad condition for its age and It has a nice green patina, which is not bad for something that has been sat in the mud for around 1,900 years.

Another example of me almost getting it almost completely wrong, can be found under the 'Woad Grinder' at the bottom right of the 'Finds 2' page.

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