Thimbles 14 - 15C

I find lots of thimbles but unfortunately most of them are broken, so it is always nice to find couple of complete ones once in a while. These two are in good condition to say they are around 600 years old. It is rumoured, that these thimbles and even children's sized thimbles, are found in fields, because they were used as some kind of gaming currency. It is also rumoured, that these thimbles were used for bailing hay, to stop the women and children, who did this type of work, from excessive damage to their fingers - I cannot see that at in these times, women or children, would have had time to be sitting around sowing.

These are medieval thimbles and of the "Solid Chunky" type, which have been hand punched.

I am also willing to sell these two items as a pair for a reasonable price, so if you are interested, please look at my sales page for further information.

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