Watch Keys (19C)

Just some of the watch keys I find from time to time. They are from various ages and in various conditions.

Like anything you find several of, it can get to a point when you think, oh it's just another watch key or winder and stick it in your pocket, even though the first time you found one it was very exciting. I like to think of the person who might have been the owner of the watch these things were used with, in the times when not many people could afford to live from day to day, never mind own such a fine thing. It was probably someone at a higher level in society, who wore fine clothes and ate well and may even have had servants and a nice house and was able to look across rolling fields and beautiful undeveloped scenery from the saddle of his horse, as he rode along country lanes - see, even the things you might find lots of can still transport you like a miniature time machine into the past.

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