Of the four seasons Spring is my favourite. I know most fields are under crop and this can be the quiet period for metal-detecting, but with a bit of luck you might find a bit of set-aside land to detect on and also with a bit of luck you may find something interesting. For me this is the most beautiful part of the year.

Imagine this - the sun is rising and there is still a slight mist on the field. The hedgerows are covered with Spring blossom, skylarks are singing, rabbits and hares are running round doing what rabbits and hares do, but the feeling of peace and contentment can't really be described and for a few hours, all the aches and pains are pushed to one side.

These are memorable days and, if that isn't enough, the time machine you are ambling along with could at any moment transport you back in-time to any part of our history. One signal from your machine could have you back in Roman Britain and you could imagine that you are the Roman who is searching the ground trying to find the coin or artifact he has lost on his way to buy a fish and chip supper for his family. He knows the wife isn't going to believe him, because she (he thinks) will be convinced that he has been in the local alehouse or gladiator betting shop.

Nothing really changes does it?

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