Up And Over

One of the farms I detect on, has a fair bit of land and a couple of large paddocks. The land was all seeded up, so I couldn't go on there, but the farmer gave me permission to search the paddocks (both empty of livestock). I entered a five-barred gate and searched the first paddock with only a Vicky halfpenny found. So I decided to try the next paddock, which meant I had to climb over the pretty high wooden fence. I am not a young person anymore so any obstacles I come across, I have to give serious thought to. I decided the fence was a piece of cake so I pushed the detector and spade through the fence then started to climb over the fence. I got one leg over the top but the other leg just wouldn't lift over the last bit. In fact I was 3" short of getting my leg over. I just sat on top of the fence laughing my head off. How did it all end? I flagged down the postman who couldn't work out why this old fool was perched on top of a fence laughing. Anyhow, he pushed my leg over and left with a very pitying look. Should I try again? Probably.

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