Bad Timing

I, like most detectorists, am always on the look out for pastures new and, like most of us when going to a new farm, we often get the answer, "Come back when the crops are off and we can discuss it then." But on this particular day, my mate and I decided that we would call back to one of the farmers who had said exactly this to us earlier in the year. The farmyard was a large cobble stone area with several stables and a large building off to the right, the first thing we noticed when we drove in was that there were several cars parked in and around the front of the yard area, whereas last time there was just tractor.

As we approached the farm door another car pulled into the yard. A chap got out and came towards us asking if he could help. We told him we had come to see the farmer about detecting earlier in the year and how he had told us to come back when the crops were off the land, which they now were. The poor man immediately burst into tears and said that they were just about to bury him. What we hadn`t seen round the corner of the building was the hearse waiting for the mourners to come out, and the man we were talking to was the farmer`s son. This was one of those times when we wished the proverbial hole in the ground would suddenly appear and swallow us up. We gave our condolences and apologised but couldn`t get away quick enough. A very upsetting event!

I wonder if we went back now though.....

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